Big Man On Campus Philanthropy

On Monday March 17, Duquesne’s Delta Zeta sorority held their annual Big Man On Campus Philanthropy event in the Student Union Ballroom. Representatives from all Greek organizations on campus were invited to participate in the event which the sisters of Delta Zeta describe as a “male beauty pageant.” The sisters donated all funds to the Speech and Hearing Clinic on Duquesne’s campus as, speech and hearing pathology is their designated Philanthropy.

Each representative was interviewed and asked to perform a talent such as singing or dancing. Delta Zeta chose five judges from Duquesne’s campus including Rebecca Mickler, the campus Greek Advisor, and Nicole Bucholtz, from the Athletic department.

The judges crowned senior Cory Hazy, brother of Tau Kappa Epsilon, as the Big Man On Campus. Taylor Duncan, a junior and sister of Delta Zeta, currently holds the position of Philanthropy chair and worked diligently alongside her sisters and the University to raise $2,500 at the event, which they have donated to the Clinic on campus to help children with speech and hearing disabilities.

(include collage of photos with captions DrKimmelman.jpg is Dr. Kimmelman from the Speech and Hearing Clinic on campus; ChrisInterview.jpg shows Chris Leonard of Alpha Phi Delta; -TaylorNicole.jpg is Taylor Duncan (event coordinator) and Nicole Zientek of Delta Zeta;
ChapterwCory.jpg is the sisters of Delta Zeta with Cory Hazy of Tau Kappa Epsilon)