Duquesne Program Council Happenings

The Duquesne Program Council (DPC) has been making an enormous impact on student life this semester. Each Friday evening in the NightSpot, located in the  Union, DPC has activity that is free to all students, called DUNites. These events range from sand art to Christmas crafts. Each one of the events was packed with students, more so than previous years. DPC also hosts DU Weekend activities such as hiking trips or kayaking down the Allegheny. Tickets for these events are available for students at spectacular discounted rates. Similar to the DUNites nearly all of the DUWeekend events have sold-out. Along with the DUWeekends, DPC offers discounted tickets to shows that are being performed downtown at the Benedum Center such as The Nutcracker and soon to come The Phantom of the Opera and many other well-known shows.  We also bring popular new movies to campus each week for students to view for free with their friends, and attendance has also markedly increased.

Homecoming, one of DPC’s largest sponsored events, was a huge accomplishment this year, even with the inclement weather. We sponsored fashionable t-shirts to be given away by DPC. DPC hosted an ice cream social in the Union for students on Friday evening followed by the largest Trivia Night attendance to date. The following day the DPC hosted homecoming court arrived on Rooney Field as they passed through AutumnFest on Academic Walk. Even in the face of unseasonably cold weather and hail, we had numerous alumni and students pack the field and Academic Walk to celebrate Homecoming. Later that evening we hosted Battle of the Bands where student bands competed against one another for the title of “best student band.” We had over 300 students and alumni attend this event as well, making this our top attended Battle of the Bands to date.

Trivia Nights, which is a time for students to prove their trivia knowledge, are hosted once a month in The Red Ring. DPC provides students who attend with free appetizers and the chance to win amazing prizes. Each trivia night has averaged approximately 50-60 students packed in the Red Ring to play on teams with their friends. DPC also hosts Bands of the Month in the Red Ring giving student bands the opportunity to perform in front of other students. Similar to Trivia Nights, students who attend Band of the Month also receive free appetizer vouchers. Attendance at these events averages from twenty-five to thirty students each event. The number of students who have been attending these events has increased dramatically over the past year.  On December 5, we plan to host a formal event for all students, our annual Christmas Ball at the Sheraton in Station Square. This event brings students together before finals begin and provides a venue to enjoy a festive evening with their friends.  The Ball includes a formal sit down dinner followed by a dance with music played by a DJ.

DPC has had a significant impact on the student community this year. Our organization captures the Duquesne mission statement by providing opportunities where students can be more actively involved on campus.