Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service

Towers staff was joined by students from the University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Cares and individual families for the day of service.

The Duquesne Towers Residence Life Staff decided that being off on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, would better be served as a day of service. Twenty-one Towers staff members traveled to Vincentian Home, a home that provides skilled and intermediate nursing care for the elderly. There, students served as greeters, wheelchair escorts and activities hosts.

Ralph, an elder from Vincentian Home and a Towers staff favorite, played Wii with several staff members. Not only did staff members have fun with Wii Bowling, Ralph, a Wii pro, was excited to have friendly, youthful competition.

In addition to a friendly competition with Ralph, the Towers staff also interacted with other residents whom were unable or unwilling to leave their beds. Joyce Andrews of the Vincentian Home was quoted in saying, “we brought the world to the residents on this day.” This truly emphasized to us what it means to be a member of the Duquesne University community!

Resident Assistants from the Duquesne Towers said that they had an amazing time at Vincentian Home and hoped that more service projects would soon follow.