Duquesne Endows $1 Million Cumberland Posey Fund to Assist Minority Students

Cumberland Posey relatives Truman Posey Brown, in a Homestead Grays cap, and Nancy Boxill are honored at the Posey Endowment kickoff luncheon.

Duquesne University has announced the creation of the Cumberland W. Posey Jr. Endowed Fund. Established with a principal of $1 million, the fund’s distributions will help the University retain talented minority undergraduate and graduate students who have financial need.

“In a city that reveres its sports figures, we honor a man who could be called Pittsburgh’s forgotten champion,” said Duquesne President Dr. Charles J. Dougherty during a luncheon on Oct. 29. “Cumberland Willis Posey Jr. was a true legend, and not just in one sport.”

Born in 1890, Posey was a Homestead native who played basketball at Penn State, Pitt and Duquesne in the early 1900s. During his three years at Duquesne, he led the basketball team in scoring and was captain of the varsity golf team. He played on amateur and semi-pro basketball teams that routinely defeated top national collegiate and professional squads.

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