Duquesne Freshmen: Smart, Diverse and Selective

One of the smartest and most diverse classes on record at Duquesne University arrived on campus for the start of the new academic year. An estimated 1,360 freshmen, among the University’s ten largest classes in history, was also among its most selective, with an acceptance rate of 73 percent, according to Debbie Zugates, director of undergraduate admission.   (Figures will not be finalized until the University census in late September).

Other key highlights for freshman enrollment:

  • The class had a mean SAT score of 1136, one of the highest in Duquesne history.
  • This year’s freshman class is also among the most diverse, with minorities—primarily Asian, African-American and Hispanic-Latino populations—accounting for nearly 15 percent of the class membership.
  • Out of state residents represent 29 states plus DC and Puerto Rico
  • 19 countries are represented including China, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Rwanda, India and S. Korea
  • Approximately 25% have relatives who are DU alums
  • In a survey of accepted freshman, 97 percent of the incoming class said Duquesne was a No. 1 or No. 2 choice of all of their schooling options
  • In that same survey, students listed their top reasons for choosing Duquesne as program of study first, followed by urban location, size and academic reputation
  • This year marks the first class enrolled in the new biomedical engineering major, accounting for more than 20 students.