Duquesne to Inaugurate Biomedical Engineering Program

Drawing on strengths in professional programs and a liberal arts education, Duquesne University is poised to begin a biomedical engineering program.

The program would be the only engineering degree offered in Southwestern Pennsylvania at a top-tier Catholic research institution.  Biomedical engineering is one of the fastest growing areas within the field and one of the most diverse.

The University is advertising for a director for the program and will start the first biomedical engineering classes in the Fall 2014 semester, said Dr. Alan W. Seadler, associate academic vice president for research.

“Biomedical engineering itself has close association with allied health fields, which are well-respected at Duquesne,” Seadler said. “This new program dovetails nicely with our schools of nursing, pharmacy and health sciences as well as with natural and environmental sciences.

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