Duquesne University Health Service Offers New Online Service

Duquesne University Health Service is excited to provide to students a new, more efficient service through expansion of our electronic medical record system. Students will soon have access to a Health Service Student Portal through DORI, under the Student Tab, then “Student Connections.” Through this portal, health history and immunization updates can be submitted for easy verification by health service staff.

Students can also complete pre-visit questionnaires to expedite their visit and will also be able to receive messages from their health care provider, and respond securely. With this new system, information flows seamlessly into the students’ secure electronic health record. Feel free to contact Health Service with any questions (412.396.1650).

What is Health Service Student Portal?
Online Student Health (OSH) is a secure web-based portal that gives students the ability to:

  • Fill out pre-visit questionnaires to expedite their visit
  • Enter, review and update health history and immunization dates
  • Receive and respond to secure messages from their health care provider

How do I log in?
You will enter DORI with your multipass, go to the Student Tab, and under Student Connections, click on the Health Service Student Portal, linking you directly to a login screen.

What are pre-visit intake forms and how do I fill them out?
For certain appointments, there are some questionnaires (pre-visit intake forms) you will be asked to fill out when you come in to Health Service.   With Health Service Student Portal, you can now fill out these forms at your leisure and submit them electronically in advance of your appointment.  Please note that not all appointment types have pre-visit intake forms.

How do I enter and review my Health History and my Immunization history?
When you log in to the Health Service Student Portal, click on “Immunization” or on “Health History” on the menu to view your records on file at Duquesne University Health Service (DUHS). To submit additional records, select Immunization “New” or Health History “New” from the menu. Use the calendar to enter the date. Click Submit to save data.

If not previously submitted, please do not forget to mail, e-mail or bring a hard copy of your immunization records, including childhood records, to Duquesne University Health Service (DUHS) so that DUHS staff can verify your information.

What is secure messaging and how do I use it?
A secure message is not transmitted like a standard e-mail message. Instead, you will receive an e-mail notification of a message from the healthcare provider, and you must log on to the Health Service Student Portal to view your messages. Since the website is “secure,” like an online bank website, you and your healthcare provider can exchange messages securely. You will be able to receive and respond to messages from your healthcare provider. You can access the messages from the Health Service Student Portal home page.