Duquesne University Launches Online Campus

Duquesne has a main campus, a Rome campus and now an Online Campus.

The Duquesne University Online Campus, reporting to Dr. Alexandra Gregory, associate provost/associate academic vice president for academic affairs, will serve as an umbrella organization to promote the University’s existing online courses and programs. These programs will remain housed in their academic schools.

The Online Campus, led by Director Dr. Ruth Newberry, will provide support for:

  • institutional learning and mentoring
  • student learning outcomes
  • faculty development
  • best practice standards
  • financial modeling
  • new program conception.

“The Online Campus will complement the fine work already being done within several schools and allow us to explore additional programs in the future,” said Dr. Ralph Pearson, provost. “The University can benefit from the significant investment it already has in online learning and ensure that all online students and faculty receive an appropriate level of coordination among and support from institutional support services.”

The name also reflects the wide-ranging community of learners that meets online. “The Online Campus is not limited in terms of boundaries, so our online campus students could be in Brazil or Ghana or they could be in enrolled while working downtown or in Oakland,” Pearson said.

The new organization presents new prospects for teaching and learning online and hybrid learning environments, where face-to-face sessions are interwoven with online coursework.

This past fall, more than 13 percent of Duquesne students participated in at least one online course.