Print Management Initiatives

The Duquesne University Student Government Association (SGA) and Computing and Technology Services (CTS) have spent the past year working on several initiatives to reduce printing waste in Duquesne’s more than 45 public computer labs. The print management initiatives have a single goal, to reduce printing waste in the public computer labs, in which the volume in 2012 was 10 million pages.

In the fall of 2012, the public labs saw the first step towards reducing printing waste, all printing required Multipass credentials in order to release print jobs. Ironically, there was an increase in printing, and some students have continued to exceed one thousand pages a week since the Multipass credential based printing went into effect. On March 4, a one-thousand page, per semester, per person quota will be implemented for all printing in the public computer labs. This quota, based on a three cents per page cost, is hundreds of pages better than Pitt, CMU, RMU, Point Park, Notre Dame and Saint Vincent. Duquesne students will not be charged for the one-thousand page quota, but are permitted to pay $15 at the Duquesne Computer Store to increase their quota by 500 pages. The goal of reducing print waste comes at a very opportune time as wireless access for laptops, iPads and other tablets is nearly one hundred percent in the academic spaces at Duquesne.

If you have questions about the print management initiative, you can contact the CTS Help Desk at 412.396.4357 or