Duquesne Called One of the Most Efficient National Universities by U.S. News

Duquesne University is one of the most efficiently operated top-tier ranked universities, according to a new listing issued by U.S. News.

It is the only institution in Pennsylvania and the only Catholic school included on this list of the top 20 national universities.

“I am not surprised that Duquesne University is included in this small list of efficiently operated top-tier universities,” said Paul-James Cukanna, associate provost for enrollment management. “Since his arrival in 2001, President Charles Dougherty has worked with his management team to implement best practices for both the financial and strategic management of this institution.

“These successful efforts have been reflected in the enrollment of the largest classes in our history. Premier investor services providers such as Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s have independently acknowledged our successes through their high credit ratings.”

In introducing the new rankings list, U.S. News notes, “These are the schools that are providing a high quality education while spending relatively less than their peers to achieve it.”

Duquesne, according to the list, spent $21,216 per student in fiscal year 2011 on instruction, research, student services and related educational expenditures. Those included on the national list spent between $17,731 and $27,572 per student.

“Schools that are featured on this list are doing a good job in managing their financial resources relative to other schools that may have larger state funding, higher tuition or larger endowments. Many of these schools are likely to be more affordable in terms of tuition relative to others in their ranking category, since almost all of them are public universities.”

Duquesne is one of only four private schools on the list of financially efficient national universities, along with Brigham Young, Clark and Texas Christian University.