Undergraduate Course Catalog 2012-2013

Welcome to the 2012-2013 Undergraduate Catalog

Catalog Of Entry

The catalog in effect for the term in which the student first completes coursework at Duquesne University becomes the student’s University and major program catalog of entry. The catalog of entry defines the University and program requirements an entering student must complete in order to earn the bachelor’s degree or entry-level master’s degree. Students who change their major program of study after initial entry to the University will be required to meet the catalog requirements in effect for that major at the time of the change.

Any changes made to the major program of study, core curriculum, or course offerings due to external accreditation or certification requirements during the student’s period of enrollment will be resolved by the academic department chair as necessary to enable students to meet graduation requirements.  Students who do not maintain continuous enrollment for each academic year (fall and spring terms) upon entering the University and then choose to return may be subject to degree requirements in effect at that time for their major program of study and core curriculum.

Statement Of Responsibility

It is the responsibility of each student to know both the University-wide graduation requirements and those of the major field of study, and to meet all requirements satisfactorily for graduation.

Academic advisors are available to consult with students for registration and degree completion planning.