Undergraduate Course Catalog 2012-2013



Official registration is the recognition given by the University to persons who have met these conditions:

  1. Appropriate authority for admittance to study in a School or Department has been given by an authorized officer of the University. The admitting authority for undergraduate students resides with the Director of Admissions.
  2. Authorization to continue in the "selected program" has been given and registration for classes has been accomplished in compliance with all academic requirements and procedures.
  3. Arrangements have been made to the satisfaction of the University for payment in full of all financial charges, including fees, tuition and housing charges, all of which are due and payable in full before the beginning of classes.

In preparation for registration, returning students should meet with their advisors to plan their upcoming class schedules. Orientation programs for new students are conducted by the Schools in late spring and summer in conjunction with academic advisement and registration. Banner Self-Service registration is available through DORI (www.duq.edu/dori) for degree-seeking undergraduate (with 15 or more earned credits) and graduate students. New undergraduates as well as Non-degree students must see their advisor to register. Unless a student has applied for and been granted an official leave of absence, any student who has missed two consecutive fall/spring terms must reapply for admission to Duquesne University through the Office of Undergraduate Admission before class registration is permitted.

Students may register or make schedule changes from the Pre-Registration period through Final Registration, also referred to as the add/drop period.  Adding or dropping courses is not permitted after the conclusion of Final Registration. If a student decides not to attend the University prior to the end of the add/drop period, the registration may be cancelled. Written notification of cancellation is required no later than the Final Registration deadline and should be submitted to the academic advisor. For registration cancellation and the corresponding drop of all courses, tuition and fee charges are refunded. Pre-registration and Final Registration dates and deadlines are available on the Academic Calendar.

Students must be officially registered for classes in order to be considered bona fide students of Duquesne University.  They are not permitted to attend classes, reside on campus, engage in student affairs, or, generally, have access to the buildings and grounds or use the University's facilities unless registration has taken place and arrangements to meet financial obligations have been made.  Only when arrangements have been made to the satisfaction of the University for payment-in-full of all financial charges is a student permitted to attend and receive credit for classes. Even though absences from classes may be observed and recorded, a student is considered to be enrolled and in attendance until formal (written) withdrawal forms are filed with the Office of the Registrar. Students are required to participate in classes in the same semester in which they are registered, billed, and awarded credit if earned. Students who register for a class or classes and subsequently do not attend remain financially responsible for their registration.  Students who register but fail to attend, drop, or withdraw remain accountable for payment and will receive a final grade of "F."