Undergraduate Course Catalog 2012-2013

Special Programs

Office of International Programs

The Office of International Programs (OIP) provides services to international students and scholars pursuing undergraduate and graduate degree programs at the University. These specialized services include furnishing pre-arrival information to accepted students; facilitating compliance with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) requirements; assisting in academic and cross-cultural adjustment through initial arrival and extended orientation programs; promoting and supporting events, programs, and activities which foster deeper communication, awareness and understanding among U.S. and international students at Duquesne; and providing ongoing direct service and appropriate referral services to international students and scholars on campus in a personalized and professional manner.

The OIP coordinates Study Abroad activities for the University and offers support services for students interested in Study Abroad through Duquesne.  The OIP also supports the University’s strong commitment to international education as a valued component of the overall mission of the institution.