Undergraduate Course Catalog 2012-2013

Special Programs

Pre-Medical Professions Program

The Pre-Medical Professions Program is a University-wide program for students pursuing a career in medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, optometry, podiatry or chiropractic. The program provides guidance to students in acquiring the requisite experiences and academic background for applying to health professional schools. Students in the program meet regularly with a pre-medical advisor to evaluate the student’s academic progress and receive professional guidance in gaining volunteer and community service, clinical, internship and research experience. The program sponsors seminars and workshops which provide information about health professional schools, careers for the health professional and development of personal skills needed for a health professions career. University and college core requirements offer each student the liberal arts education that provides a solid foundation for a career in a health profession. Most health professional schools prefer their applicants to have had a broad and well-rounded academic background with a diverse set of life and health-oriented experiences.

It is important for each student to register with the program as early as possible in his/her academic career and preferably upon first entering the university. At that time, each student will meet with a pre-medical advisor to plan a tentative four-year academic program and other activities that are best suited for the individual student. Students in the program must complete the Pre-Medical Professions Core Curriculum and declare a major. Students are urged to select a major in any area that is of the most interest to the student. Biology, psychology, biochemistry, English, history, and mathematics are a few of the more commonly chosen ones.

Generally, students submit their applications during the summer following the junior year in order to matriculate at a health professional school in the fall following graduation. Duquesne’s Pre-Medical Professions Program provides each student with guidance throughout the complex application process. Gaining admission to a health professional school is dependent on a variety of factors that include meeting standard criteria for overall grade point average, science grade point average, and admissions test scores. Each qualified student is interviewed and evaluated by members of the Pre-Medical Professions Committee. This evaluation along with evaluations submitted to the Pre-Medical Office by faculty and others provide the basis of the overall evaluation and recommendation sent to the schools to which the student is applying.

The program maintains affiliations with Temple University School of Medicine and the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM). Admission into the Duquesne Medical Scholars Program in association with Temple University School of Medicine and the 4 + 4 program in association with LECOM must be completed prior to matriculation at Duquesne. For students interested in the management of health delivery, the Pre-Medical Professions Program in combination with the Rangos School of Health Sciences offers a degree track for pre-medical students in the department of Health Management Systems. If you would like information on these and other programs, please contact the Pre-Medical Professions Program office located in 700 Fisher Hall.

The core courses are as follows:

English 2 semesters

Chemistry with laboratory 2 semesters

Organic Chemistry with laboratory 2 semesters

Biology with laboratory 2 semesters

Physics with laboratory 2 semesters

Mathematics 2 semesters

Behavioral Sciences 2 semesters