Undergraduate Course Catalog 2012-2013

Special Programs

Department of Military Science & Leadership,

The Department of Military Science & Leadership, Army ROTC is a combined Department with classes taught at Duquesne University and The University of Pittsburgh.  The department is staffed by Active Army and Army Reserve.

Our Purpose

Our department’s courses and programs are founded on two main goals:

  1. To provide a general introduction in Leadership, Ethics, Communication Skills, and the Army as an Organization to any college student through elective courses.
  2. To develop and place successful collegiate students who display leadership and management potential into Junior Executive positions as Officers for the Army’s Active and Reserve components and Army National Guard.

Course Programs

Normal Progression: Students normally begin the program during the Fall Semester of their freshmen year (ROTC-101 course).  They then take 1 ROTC elective course each semester during their Freshmen and Sophomore years.

Those that wish to become Army Officers then continue during their Junior and Senior years, and attend a 5 week summer course (at the Army’s expense) in Washington State.

Compressed Progression: Students who need to enroll into the program after the fall semester of their freshmen year or students planning on entering Graduate programs can pursue a number of options to compress the Military Science schedule to fit their normal academic program.  Prospective compression students should contact the Department for more information.

Scholarship Incentive

In order to attract successful students into the program, the Army and Duquesne University offer a limited number of scholarships on a competitive basis each year.  Army scholarships currently cover full tuition and mandatory fees, $1200 annually toward books and a monthly spending stipend ranging from $300-$500 based on academic year group.  The University also compliments Army ROTC Scholarships with a room and board scholarship incentive, so long as students live on campus and maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher.


There is no Army commitment for students enrolled in any of our 100 or 200-level electives.  Students who receive an Army scholarship, or who wish to take part in our 300 and 400-level courses, will be required to contract with the Army to pursue commissions as Officers on Active Duty or part-time in the Reserves or National Guard.


The Army is actively seeking nursing students, who upon completion of their program are guaranteed service as an Army Nurse.  Nursing students are also eligible to receive summer Internships at Army hospitals worldwide (at the Army’s expense), and additional scholarships are available specifically for Nurses.

Contact Information

College applicants or current students should contact the department office listed below for more information, or simply enroll in the course during the normal semester enrollment period.

Department of Military Science & Leadership,
1308 Fifth Avenue, 3rd Floor