Nursing’s Goodfellow Will Lead IRB

Posted on April 17, 2013

Dr. Linda Goodfellow, associate professor of nursing, has been selected as the new chair of the Institutional Review Board (IRB). She will replace Dr. Joseph Kush, associate professor in the School of Education, who has managed this leadership position for two years. Kush will step down from the chair position at the end of May.

Dr. Linda Goodfellow

“I’ve really enjoyed my time of service and I know Linda will do a fantastic job,” Kush said. “The members of the University IRB are also to be congratulated for their hard work and dedication. The protection of human subjects is critical to all research but especially vital, given the mission of Duquesne.”

“Joe did a wonderful job for us in training and managing the activities of the IRB and we look forward to working with Linda, continuing our commitment to the responsible conduct of research and ethical treatment of human subjects,” said Dr. Alan W. Seadler, associate academic vice president for research. “These important faculty members, essentially, are on loan to the Office of Research for a period of time, contributing above and beyond teaching, and overseeing the management of research protocols and training. It’s quite a service for the University.”

The IRB, a federally mandated board that includes representatives from each school, incorporates all activities surrounding student and faculty research—not just medical research, but studies in education, sociology, psychology, health sciences, nursing, pharmacy, music, business, law and the sciences that could be conducted with children and vulnerable populations. The IRB will review 200-plus research submissions this year, assuring that federal guidelines and University expectations are met.

Goodfellow, who will assume this position in August, served as interim director of Duquesne’s Center for Nursing Research from 2006-2010. Her research has focused on stress, immunity and health of spouses of patients with cancer, as well as the proliferation of electronic theses by working with an international team.

“It’s an honor to be appointed,” Goodfellow said. “The job comes with many challenges and many opportunities. It’s imperative that we help facilitate the IRB process so we are looked upon as user friendly.”

Dr. James Phillips, senior director of sponsored research, will oversee IRB operations this summer, working with Marianne Volk, who coordinates all IRB activities.

“Without this activity at the University, without people volunteering to do all the work associated with the IRB, many faculty and students would be unable to do the kind of work their scholarship demands,” Seadler said. “We’re grateful for the guidance of the chair, the input of members from the schools and the support of our research staff.”

Through the Office of Research, free, online training offered by CITI is available to students and faculty embarking on IRB protocol.

Current IRB Committee Members:

Dr. Joseph Kush, chair
Dr. Diane Borello-France, Rangos
Dr. David Delmonico, education
Dr. Paul Doerksen, music
Nicholas Fisfis, law
Dr. Linda Goodfellow, nursing
Dr. Misook Heo, education
James Hunt, community member
Dr. Gibbs Kanyango, education
Dr. Holly Lassila, pharmacy
Dr. Gustav Lundberg, business
Dr. Becky Morrow, Bayer School
Dr. Jim Purdy, McAnulty College
Dr. Jason Scibek, Rangos
Dr. Matthew Schneirov, McAnulty College
Dr. Kathy Sekula, nursing

Dr. Partha Basu, Bayer School
Dr. Melissa Boston, education
Dr. Yang Chen, Rangos
Rona Kitchen, law
Dr. Ann Labounsky, music
Dr. Denise Lucas, nursing
Dr. Carol Parke, education
Dr. Ara Schmitt, education
Dr. David Wasieleski, business
Stewart Wellman, community member
Dr. Paula Witt-Enderby, pharmacy

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