Summer Improvements in the Living Learning Centers

This summer, numerous improvements will be taking place in the Living Learning Centers. Some of it will be very apparent in the Fall, but some of it will be more focused on improving the function of our facilities. It may not be something you would necessarily see, but those projects will make the buildings work better and be more livable as well. Here is some of the work that will take place, both the noticeable things and the behind-the-scenes projects:

  • Restroom renovations will continue in St. Ann. This summer, the fifth floor bathrooms will be upgraded to match work already completed on the second and sixth floors.
  • Work in the Duquesne Towers will continue, with the twelfth, thirteenth, and fourteenth floors being completely rebuilt this year. In addition to all of the other work being done, new furniture will be installed in the rooms on these floors as well.
  • As part of continuing upgrades to the campus electrical system, a transformer which delivers power to Vickroy and the Towers will be replaced and updated.
  • The roof of the Sean Hogan Dining Center will be replaced.
  • Flooring in many of the Living Learning Centers will be replaced where needed.
  • A new addition will be built on the B-side of the Duquesne Towers to match the expansion added last summer which is home to the P.O.D. and added space for the Hogan Dining Center. The section to be added this year will be the first half of a project to give the Campus Ministry Center a new home and will include many new facilities for students to use.
  • More furnished apartments will be added to Brottier.