Counseling and Wellbeing

The Counseling and Wellbeing Center offers a variety of wellbeing-based services available to students and some which are available to faculty and staff.

Individual, short-term counseling/psychotherapy is available to all registered students.  Individual Counseling can help students suffering from difficulties associated with adjustment to college/university life, relationship issues, sadness and depression, worry and anxiety, working through an event or series of traumatic events that have impacted everyday functioning, etc.  (Faculty and staff can come for an initial consultation and will be referred to a community practitioner if additional, ongoing counseling is needed).

Group counseling is also available to all registered students.  Group counseling is a wonderful form of healing that can help students learn interpersonal communication skills and acquire self-awareness in relation to others.  Specific, theme-related groups are also available for students, such as a graduate student support group, interpersonal process group and women’s group.  We are also open to creating groups in response to interest and demand.

The Counseling and Wellbeing Center also conducts regular outreach in the form of presentations and workshops to the Duquesne University community, promoting depression awareness and suicide prevention as well as stress management to name only a few (we are open to creating workshops based on interest and demand).

The Counseling and Wellbeing Center offers wellbeing coaching to registered students who might not need individual counseling but would benefit from learning strategies and techniques in the area of mind/body/spirit cross-training to improve overall contentment and life satisfaction.

A computer-based biofeedback game is available to all students, faculty, and staff that will assist with stress management and the acquisition of relaxation skills through reinforcing the link between the relaxation response and bodily awareness.

An interfaith meditation room is available to all students, faculty and staff.  The meditation room has a full complement of meditation cushions and benches, as well as prayer beads from many of the world’s wisdom traditions.  It is available for both individuals and groups.  Case Management is also available for students who might require longer-term counseling, specialized treatment or psychiatric care.  A Counseling and Wellbeing Center case manager will work directly with each student in finding him/her the best possible care that will directly address a student’s psychological needs.

The Counseling and Wellbeing Center takes into account the fullness of human experience in its Center philosophy, fidelity to the University Mission, and its emphasis on the core dimensions of being, with the goal being to assist in the formation of each and every student we encounter.  With humility and gratitude, we are honored to serve the University community in our capacity as attendants and healers of the soul.