Duquesne University Celebrates International Week

Duquesne University celebrated International Week in March.  There were events each day.

  • DISHA, our Indian student organization celebrated HOLI.
  • Our Saudi Arabian students presented The Traditional Face of Saudi Arabia.  A wonderful program that showed the current culture in Saudi Arabia.
  • Our students from Africa presented the Annual Showcase Afrique.  This is their annual event that included singers, drummers, dancers and refreshments.
  • These events led up to the celebration of all the international students on campus with The World on A Platter (photos above).

The Union Ballroom was packed with Duquesne , both international and domestic student, who enjoyed cuisine from all over the world!  They were entertained with performances from the different cultures and a colorful fashion show.

International Week at Duquesne was a wonderful success and brought to attention the many contributions that our international students bring to our campus!