International Week 2013

During this year’s International Week, the International Students Organization was able to collaborate with many student organizations such as the Union of African Students (UAS), Duquesne Indian Student Association (DISHA) and the Caribbean Student Association (CSA). Together, these organizations showcased international culture to Duquesne students, faculty and staff.

On Monday, March 18, UAS held their 3rd Annual Showcase Afrique. The event showcased foods from Africa as well as traditional dancing and drumming performances that captivated the audience’s eyes.

On Tuesday, March 19, DISHA celebrated their Holi festival, or festival of colors. This festival usually has attendees use colored powders and clothes to celebrate the return of spring. DISHA also provided students with Indian cuisine favorites and some traditional Indian dance performances.

The 29th annual ISO Night, All around the World in One Night, was held on Thursday, March 21. With a record attendance of 700 people, the ISO brought culture to Duquesne. The event had an international buffet featuring foods from Africa, Europe, Asia, South America and North America, a beautiful fashion show showcasing clothes from around the world, and numerous performances from across the globe. Even our own Duquesne Tamburitzans collaborated with the ISO to show attendees a snapshot of their worldwide famous dance.

The last event of ISO Week was held on Friday, March 22 by CSA. They held their first ever Caribbean Masquerade party. They brought Caribbean appetizers, masks, opulent decorations, and dazzling juggling performances in a party that sought to show attendees how the Caribbean culture has fun. Overall, this year’s ISO week was one of the most diverse events on campus. ISO will keep bringing these events for years to come, in an effort to continue our long-standing goal of cultural awareness at Duquesne.