“Moving Targets” Art Exhibition at Gumberg Library

Gumberg Library will host an art exhibition that commemorates the 2014 centenary of the extinction of the passenger pigeon. The exhibition, titled Moving Targets, will open on Nov. 10 and continue through Dec. 6.

“The exhibition parallels the plight of the passenger pigeon with that of the artists’ maternal lineage, piecing together the fragmented stories and forced migrations of both pigeons and Jews,” says artist Ann Rosenthal. The project is a collaboration between Rosenthal and Steffi Domike with Ruth Fauman Fichman and will also include 14 artists each representing a state within the former nesting range of the pigeon.

The exhibition corresponds to the common text selected for the McAnulty College of Liberal Arts learning communities, Joel Greenberg’s A Feathered River Across the Sky: The Passenger Pigeon’s Flight to Extinction.

The exhibition will be open to the public, though visitors are advised to call 412.396.6130 prior to coming.