Duquesne Welcomes Pope Francis as New Church Leader

Duquesne students from the University’s Italian Campus Program in Rome were among the hundreds of thousands in attendance to bid farewell to Pope Benedict XVI.

Watch Duquesne University adjunct instructor, Mike Clark, talk to our study abroad students who were in Rome to witness this historic event.

Duquesne University of the Holy Spirit is delighted to welcome Pope Francis, the new leader of the Universal Church.  His election and personal history suggests an important and profound turn toward humility and service to the poor.

Duquesne watched events in Rome closely through the eyes of our students studying at our campus in the Eternal City this semester.  This was a life-changing experience for them.

Our Spiritan religious sponsors have two interesting links to the new Pope.  The founder of the Spiritans, Claude des Places, was educated by the Jesuits.  Duquesne and Spiritan schools around the world are committed to educational excellence because of this connection.  The second founder of the Spiritans, Jacob Libermann, himself adopted the name Francis to symbolize the same humility and service to the poor that the new Pope’s name represents.

Duquesne joins with all people of good will in offering our prayers and best wishes for Pope Francis’ every success.

Charles J. Dougherty