Green Initiatives in Des Places

Many students were drawn to the living environment in Des Places due to its environmentally friendly practices. One exciting event this semester is the “Des Places Pledge.” This pledge asks students to ‘pitch in, turn off, conserve and re-evaluate’ their daily habits as we work towards the establishment of a sustainable community. This pledge encompasses issues focused on energy, sustainable food, water conservation and recycling issues. Students that sign this pledge will receive a re-usable shopping bag indicating that they have pledged to help, but also aid them in the environmentally friendly practice of not using disposable shopping bags. This pledge campaign is planned to coincide with the season of Lent. Students will have the chance to reflect about the possibility of making their Lenten sacrifice by abstaining in excessive energy use. Other notable programs that will be taking place this semester include energy saving competitions between floors (and other universities!), junk mail drives and carbon footprint contests.