Student Government Association

The 42nd Senate of the Student Government Association is excited to be back on campus and to represent Duquesne University students.

Over the summer, SGA has funded the installation and implementation of a GPS bus-tracking application, DoupleMap. This service was installed for both the weekend Loop Bus service and the Southside Shuttle. DoubleMap is a new and upcoming company based out of Indianapolis. They currently provide bus tracking to other college campuses across the country including Georgetown, John Carroll, University of Cincinnati, University of Notre Dame, West Texas A&M, and Xavier. The application tracks the exact location of the Loop Bus and Southside Shuttle, so that the students can look and see where the bus is at all times. It’s free, easy, and convenient! The buses can also be tracked via the DoubleMap website at: Based on observations and feedback from students, it was clear that a system such as this was needed and the SGA is excited to finally implement it on campus. In addition, the buses that serve the Southside and Oakland Loops were increased in seating capacity in order to accommodate more passengers and guarantee rider safety.

This semester, the SGA is working on a number of initiatives and there is a lot to look forward to in the near future. Voter Registration has begun and will last through late October. Every week, SGA will be tabling and encouraging students to register to vote. Also, preparations and planning have begun for Night of Lights 2013, which will be held on Thursday, Dec. 5. All are welcome to attend this annual event.

SGA is always working diligently to address student issues or concerns. Presently, we have engaged in open communication with Duquesne’s new food service provider, Parkhurst Dining. We look forward to collaborating on a wide variety of topics by providing them with feedback from the students. In addition, SGA is taking an active role in the University-wide Respect Campaign, Spirit Campaign, Homecoming 2013, as well as initiatives from the Pittsburgh Student Government Council (PSGC).
SGA looks forward to another productive year on the Bluff!