The 20th Anniversary of Gumberg Library

Gumberg Library celebrates the 20th anniversary of its naming this month, opening the door to reflection on the library’s past, as well as a look to its future.

Although the facility officially opened in 1978, the name “Gumberg Library” was not adopted until Feb. 3, 1995. At this time, support from alumnus Stanley Gumberg and his wife Marcia enabled the library to keep pace with emerging technologies—namely, personal computers and the internet.

Over the years the goal of fostering learning, innovation and creativity has led to modernization efforts, such as those on the library’s main floor, in the Margaret P. Sullivan Curriculum Center and in the Simon Silverman Phenomenology Center. Also, a “next generation system” was installed last summer, simplifying the research process by allowing students to search the breadth of library resources simultaneously.

Today, smaller, lighter and more powerful technology has led to a rising number of students who bring their own devices to the library. In response to this trend, the library has significantly increased the number of electrical outlets in the building in recent years. The library also aims to create more flexible and varied study spaces to allow students to adapt their study environment to fit a range of academic work.

Gumberg Library welcomes over 500,000 visitors each year and the library will continue to evolve as it adapts to these users’ needs. As the library strives to fulfill the University mission, Stanley Gumberg’s vision remains constant: “A university library is the key which can unlock the door to a meaningful education.”