Duquesne University Volunteers

DU Students Sweep Up

In the 2011-2012 academic year 8,430 faculty and students volunteered and recorded 248,956 hours of service with DUV. Student organizations also raised $140,476.88 in philanthropic efforts.

The DUV Fair took place on September 4 with a great interest from students and their organizations in the over 65 represented community partners that were present. A networking breakfast for the community organizations was held first to introduce staff to our students’ interests, demographics, and organization profiles to maximize positive relationship development of students and the community sites.

The largest group of freshman to date participated in clean up sponsored by DUV during Orientation weekend with over 500 freshmen and 25 volunteers in attendance. This resulted in over 200 bags of trash and 65 bags of recyclables being collected in two hours of clean-up efforts.

South Side SweeP-UP had over 25 Duquesne students and several alumni participating. This grass roots initiative was organized because of a South Side resident’s concern after her dog and several others were injured due to broken glass on the streets of the South Side. In two hours, the Duquesne group collected nearly 400 lbs. of broken glass and 266 bottles (or 11 cases) and several plate glass windows and glass panes. All glass collected was recycled through the city of Pittsburgh.

Upcoming DUV initiatives include:

  • The monthly on-going KICSS on September 22, 2012 in partnership with the South Side Pups Glass Clean Up
  • South Side Step Trek in early October and clean ups preceding all weekends prior
  • Sleep in for the Homeless in partnership with Community Human Services on October 19, 2012
  • Participation of student volunteers at walks for the remaining months of September-November 2012
  • Weekly tutoring and mentoring at several community sites
  • Haunted Houses for charity through the month of October
  • Preparation for the holidays 2012 with toy sorting and distribution at Catholic Charities, the Brashear Association, and Hill House

For additional projects and to register for volunteer opportunities, please register with DUV on Campus Link.