New Hogan Dining Center Opens

Students returning to campus this semester were pleased to check out the completely revamped Hogan Dining Center, featuring an open kitchen, new seating arrangements and more choices for dining.

Located in the Towers residence hall, the Hogan Dining Center is the main campus student dining facility and now has food preparation areas that allow diners to see their meals being made. In addition, a variety of different food-serving areas have replaced the cafeteria line.

Each of these areas or stations is devoted to specific foods and cooking methods, and all of them feature healthier, fresher ingredients and dishes made to order. One of the stations, a Mongolian grill, includes a large freestanding round griddle where diners can choose raw ingredients that a chef cooks to order.

Seating arrangements, a mix of tables and booths, as well as accent lighting and variations in the color and covering for floors and walls break up the large room and make for comfortable and inviting dining areas. Along with these improvements, an addition to Towers, between two wings on the north side of the building, now contains a convenience store on the first floor with additional seating for the dining hall on the second floor.