Grants Received

Funding totaling $274,496 was recently received by the School of Nursing, the Bayer School of Natural and Environmental Sciences, and the Mylan School of Pharmacy.

  • The School of Nursing, $5,500, from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation for their Pre-Entry Immersion Program. Drs. Leah Cunningham and Joan Lockhart will administer the award.
  • Dr. Aleem Gangjee, Mylan School of Pharmacy, $92,996 in additional Year 3 funding, from a subcontract from Wayne State University on a grant from the National Institutes of Health, National Cancer Institute, for Discovery of Novel PCFT Targeted Agents. This brings the total funding to date to $567,615.
  • The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Bayer School, $126,000 for Year 3 funding, from the National Science Foundation for Metalated Nitriles: Unmasking Fundamental Reactivity. Total funding to date amounts to $402,000.  The project is now under the direction of Dr. Bruce Beaver; the previous principal investigator was Dr. Fraser Fleming.
  • The Mylan School of Pharmacy, $50,000 in a second funding installment, from McAuley Ministries Inc., to support the Hill District Center for Pharmacy Services Community Outreach Initiative. This brings the total award to $100,000. The funds will be administered by Dean Dr. Douglas Bricker and Dr. Terri Kroh, pharmacy director.