Faculty & Staff Spotlight

Ken Gormley, professor and dean of law, will present The Saturday Night Massacre: A 40-year Retrospective as the featured speaker at the Philadelphia Bar Association’s Bench-Bar and Annual Conference on Friday, Oct. 4, in Atlantic City, N.J.

Dr. Douglas Harper, professor of sociology and the Fr. Joseph Lauritis, C.S.Sp., Chair in Teaching and Technology, served on a panel for the discussion The Past, Present and Future of the Dairy Industry in Central NY at Colgate University on Sept. 27.

Dr. Paula A. Witt-Enderby, professor of pharmacology in the Mylan School of Pharmacy, and Dr. Ellen Gawalt, associate professor of chemistry in the Bayer School of Natural and Environmental Sciences, have been assigned a patent for a bone implant along with three other co-inventors.