Faculty & Staff Spotlight

Marco Centurione, adjunct lecturer in the Center for International Relations, mentored a team of 11 Duquesne undergraduates in preparation for the Model European Union competition held Feb. 14 and 15 at Washington & Jefferson College. The Duquesne team earned two of five top awards for their representation of Cyprus and Malta, as well as two honorable mentions for their representation of Slovenia and Romania. Students were judged on their knowledge of the issues, their accurate representation of their country’s interests and their negotiating skills.

Dr. John Pollock, associate professor of biological sciences, will have his manuscript Imaging Neuroinflammation In Vivo in a Neuropathic Pain Rat Model With Near-Infrared Fluorescence and 19F Magnetic Resonance, published on Feb. 28 by PLOS ONE. The online publication reports on primary research from scientific disciplines.

Dr. Evan Stoddard, associate dean of McAnulty College and Graduate School of Liberal Arts, was featured on a panel of diverse professionals during Canon-McMillian High School’s celebration of Black History Month on Feb. 10. The panel’s topic, A Celebration of Diversity, challenged students and teachers to embrace America’s culturally diverse past through a discussion with distinguished Pittsburgh professionals.

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