Human Resources Group Honors Duquesne with People Do Matter Award

Duquesne University was presented with the Pittsburgh Human Resources Association’s 2014 People Do Matter award on March 19.

Duquesne received the award in the ‘People’ category for its Minority Development Internship Program. Initiated by President Charles J. Dougherty, the program demonstrates the University’s commitment to promoting an inclusive work culture that values diversity and attracts, develops and retains talented employees of all backgrounds.

Marla Bradford, senior employment recruiter in the Office of Human Resource Management, administers the program. “The University understands that at times there are barriers experienced by underrepresented groups in gaining access to employment, development and leadership opportunities,” explained Bradford. “Duquesne has taken action to address these issues to better support efforts to attract, recruit and retain the best people needed to create a workforce reflective of today’s workplace demographics.”

Launched in 2007, the program was built on the principles of equal employment opportunity and has seen success in increasing diversity amongst candidates, hires and promotions. Nine individuals have served as interns and of those nine, seven have obtained permanent employment at Duquesne; one remains active in the program and the other is pursuing a corporate career.

Bradford expressed gratitude for the many departments that worked together to make this program a success. “We conducted an inventory of departmental needs based on knowledge, skills and abilities required to perform basic and unique jobs within Student Life, Management and Business, and Enrollment Services,” said Bradford. “Based on that inventory, the interns were placed for a three- to six-month rotation within the various departments where they were able to grow and develop the skills they needed to succeed.”

Expanded in 2010, the program now includes a minority internship track designed to build clerical skills.

In a video highlighting the program and internship experiences, Dougherty expresses his pride in the success of the interns and in the University for continuing its longstanding commitment to creating an inclusive workplace.