Lenten Campaign Raises Funds to Build Three Homes in Philippines

Thanks to the generous giving during a campus Lenten campaign this spring, three new homes will be built in the Southeastern Asia area ravaged by Super-typhoon Yolanda last November.

At just $300 per house, the Duquesne community raised enough money to provide three families with new homes with the $870 collected. The funds will be sent to Spiritans in the Philippines, who are continuing recovery and rebuilding efforts after the typhoon’s devastation.

“When I read that temporary housing could be built for approximately $300, I thought that student groups could manage to respond quickly,” said the Rev. Dan Walsh, director of Spiritan Campus Ministry and organizer of the campaign. “In spite of short notice, the Duquesne community was quite generous. I am very pleased with the results of this Lenten campaign. We may consider making this activity a regular Lenten practice for the student community.”

Super-typhoon Yolanda, which killed more than 5,600 people, has left thousands struggling. Many have scavenged pieces of buildings to put a tarp over their heads. A hard life in the Filipino slums is made even harder in the wake of such massive devastation since immediate relief efforts are past.

To learn more about continuing opportunities to help support the building of temporary housing in the Philippines, contact Spiritan Campus Ministry at 412.396.6020 or Walsh.