University Listed As a STEM Friendly School

Duquesne University has been designated as a top school for educating students with STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) talent by STEM Jobs magazine.

STEM Jobs, a national publication that encourages students to pursue careers in science, technical and math fields, listed Duquesne as a top school for producing associate scientists. In a snapshot of 10 top pharmaceutical careers, Duquesne is listed as a STEM Friendly school for educating students about conducting biochemical, biological and immunological tests, and producing documentation that would move treatments to the marketplace.

The lists were developed through a proprietary assessment and occupational relevancy index, said Kelsey Rhea, chief strategy officer of STEM Jobs. Besides listing jobs, salaries and colleges related to these STEM professions, the spring 2014 magazine also listed potential employers across the 10 job types.