Pharmacy School Renews Agreement with Italian University

The Mylan School of Pharmacy recently renewed its collaborative agreement with Italy’s Universitá Degli Studi di Perugia. The partnership was originally established in 2009 as the first of its kind between Perugia and an American university, and the first for a school of pharmacy in Italy.

The formal agreement was signed by Duquesne President Dr. Charles J. Dougherty; Pharmacy Dean Dr. J. Douglas Bricker; Benedetto Natalini, director of the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Perugia; and Franco Moriconi, professor and rector at the institution. Bricker brought the official document, already signed by Dougherty, to Perugia on June 6, where Natalini and Moriconi added their signatures.

The collaboration between the schools allows for faculty exchanges, joint research projects and conferences as well as student-learning experiences/exchanges designed to help students from each university learn about the healthcare system in each others’ respective countries.

“This new agreement expands the opportunities for our student pharmacists to explore the role of a pharmacist in the Italian healthcare system,” said Bricker.