Spring Clean-Up: More Than Picking Up Litter and Planting

The 27th annual Spring Clean-Up is a one-day, large-scale litter pick-up and greening event that takes place throughout the South Side and Greater Hill District neighborhoods; however, it is much more than that.

Sponsored by Spiritan Campus Ministry (Division of Mission and Identity), Spring Clean-Up helps to strengthen Duquesne University’s longstanding relationship with the greater Pittsburgh community. The event is aimed at raising the participants’ consciousness of the community in which they live, while at the same time, demonstrating our care for the greater Pittsburgh community through our commitment and actions.

We do not simply show up in these neighborhoods, pick up some trash and say that we did some good. In a very Spiritan way, the only way this event can be successful is because relationship building is at its core. Community organizations and partners support through donations of money, time and personnel. Students have the opportunity to clean and plant with community members throughout the day and then share lunch together. Groups of people who may not normally interact share this experience, which can lead to new projects and networks of support.

Over the last 27 years, those who have participated in Spring Clean-Up have not only learned more abut the local community, they have walked away knowing that they have made a difference in the community.

We hope that you will join us for this event! For more information on Spring Clean-Up, contact Kate Lecci at leccik@duq.edu or call 412.396.5093.