Center for Green Industries Recognizes AE Works with Sustainability Award

The Center for Green Industries and Sustainable Business Growth awarded local architecture and engineering firm AE Works the 2016 Pennsylvania Sustainable Small Business Award at the Sustainability Business Breakfast, fittingly held on Earth Day, April 22.

AE Works was selected from several qualified applicants because of the firm’s accomplishments in operational practices, social responsibility and mindset that define it as a leader and role model toward achieving sustainability.

During her remarks at the breakfast, Dr. Mary McKinney, project director of the Center for Green Industries, touted the impact that AE Works has had on sustainability.

“Being in the design and construction industry, AE Works impacts the world by creating environments and infrastructure that utilize resources wisely, make communities better and help people aspire to their potential with spaces that support interaction, ideas and innovation,” said McKinney, who also directs the University’s Small Business Development Center.

AE Works addresses and considers sustainability goals at the onset of projects, incorporating energy-efficient systems, materials and designs. According to its website, the firm features “a balance of architecture and engineering, a structured organization with a free expression of ideas and interaction to enhance the design process with shared vision and collaboration… To us, sustainable design isn’t a system of points, but a way of thinking about design and understanding the relationship of our designs with the environment, project budget and client satisfaction.”

Michael Cherock, president and chief executive officer of AE Works, accepted the Pennsylvania Sustainable Small Business Award on behalf of the firm.