School of Education Offering Tuition-Free Master’s Degree to New Holy Family Institute Fellows

Beginning this fall, the School of Education is offering a tuition-free master’s degree in either secondary or special education to participants in a new fellowship program launched by the Holy Family Institute (HFI) that provides aspiring educators the opportunity to work with underserved communities.

The new Teaching Fellows Program, which is a collaboration between the School of Education and HFI, is a component of the Holy Family Service Corps. Participants will spend two years at HFI’s Specialized Learning School in Ross Township or at Nazareth College and Career Prep high school, an affiliated ministry of HFI. Individuals of all faith backgrounds aged 21 and older who are interested in gaining innovative, service-oriented teaching experience are invited to apply to the program by Monday, Aug. 20.

“The Teaching Fellows Program at Holy Family Institute is a great opportunity that fits perfectly with our University’s mission to serve others and commitment to community engagement,” Dr. Cindy Walker, professor and dean of the School of Education, said. “We are working together to find and train future teachers who want to make a difference in traditionally marginalized communities.”

HFI’s Specialized Learning School is a licensed, private academic school that helps K-12 students overcome academic and behavioral challenges so that they can successfully return to their home school district. Nazareth Prep is an independent Catholic high school that uses a rigorous, personalized curriculum and a unique internship program to bridge the education-to-employment skills gap for students predominantly from traditionally underserved populations.

“This program is rooted in the Catholic social justice tradition, and we strive to provide participants with opportunities for personal, professional and spiritual growth,” Sister Linda Yankoski, chief executive officer of Holy Family Institute, said. “Our motto is ‘restoring hope, transforming lives;’ and that mission of transformation applies not only to those who receive service but also to those who provide it.”

Teaching fellows will live in community with other service corps members in a dedicated house on HFI’s Pittsburgh campus. Board and a stipend are included. Applicants for all programs must be at least 21 years of age and meet other qualifications. For more information, visit or contact Lynn Guerra at 412-766-9020, ext. 1304 or