Enrollment Management Group Offering Slate Training Sessions

The Enrollment Management Group (EMG) is offering 30 classroom-based Slate training sessions through February.

These training sessions include more in-depth exploration of Slate functionality than initial classroom-based training sessions. Topics include general navigation, query, communications, event management and reader.

Slate was launched last summer, providing undergraduate and graduate applications for admission as well as a full suite of customer relationship management (CRM) tools. More than 325 Duquesne colleagues now have Slate access. Since September, the EMG has hosted more than 20 Slate training sessions in addition to many one-on-one appointments with school colleagues.

Register online for EMG’s Slate training. Participants can choose to attend as many sessions as they wish, depending on their function and role in their respective school or department. Sessions also serve as a refresher for those who attended training or one-on-one sessions in the fall.

Employees who are not active Slate users and are involved in day-to-day admission activities are required to fill out this form via DORI to request access.

For more information about access and/or training, contact emgprocessing@duq.edu.