EMG-Graduate Admissions Announces Name Change

The Office of Graduate Admissions, which reports to the Enrollment Management Group (EMG), has changed its name to the Office of Graduate Enrollment Services.

“This name change reflects the growth of EMG graduate-related responsibilities since the office was created eight years ago,” Paul-James Cukanna, vice president for enrollment management, said.

“By changing our office name to ‘graduate enrollment services’, we hope to provide prospective students and employees alike a better understanding of the role our office plays in Duquesne’s graduate school realm,” Todd Eicker, director of graduate enrollment services, said. “In addition, it will enable the office to continue to be fluid in its responsibilities as the University’s graduate school generalists and as the graduate school environment continues to evolve.”

Initially, the Office of Graduate Admissions was created to focus on centralized recruitment of students for graduate programs and advising prospective students on programs of study, points of contact and application processes. Recruitment efforts remain a major focus—including more than 30 graduate fairs in multiple states this fall—and have expanded to focus on racial and geographic diversity. The office also supports new program development, target enrollment objective coordination, graduate student life initiatives, Slate CRM campaign development and implementation for schools/programs, and overall advisement on graduate admissions best practices, such as recruitment, application review and onboarding new students.

“The office provides comprehensive support for the schools that are managing the admissions processes for their programs and students,” Cukanna said.

The website and related communications will be updated in August.