Steam Vent Installation to Cause Traffic Restrictions Feb. 14

A contractor for Clearway Energy will be installing a steam vent and associated piping on the two exhaust stacks above the Energy Center. This will eliminate the inconvenience and safety impacts of the steam drifting into the Locust Garage and pedestrian walkway between Locust Street Circle and the Power Center.

A crane is scheduled for Friday, Feb. 14. As a result, Gibbon Street on the west side of Forbes Garage will be closed and surface parking outside of the Energy Center Gibbon Street garage doors will not be available. McAnulty Drive will remain open.

While the crane is in operation, pedestrians will periodically be diverted through Locust Garage, around the Events Office and out the other side to the Locust Garage top deck. Clearway will minimize the time required of the walkway closure as much as possible.