Students Quest for New Possibilities Featured in Grad Research Symposium

Graduate students from many of Duquesne’s schools will share their work virtually at the University’s eighth annual Graduate Research Symposium (GRS) from Monday, March 8, through Friday, March 12.

The interdisciplinary GRS will feature live oral presentations and posters with accompanying videos from more than 70 students at seven schools at the University. Students, faculty, judges and attendees can interact during the symposium by providing questions and comments.

Some of the topics to be covered during the week include:

  • Health care issues, such as COVID-19 treatments and vaccines
  • Environmental problems, such as air pollution and water quality
  • The impact of technology and information systems on society
  • The history and development of cities.

Graduate Research Symposoum Graphic

A list of the symposium awards, provided by various schools and departments, is available via the Awards tab on the Graduate Research website.

The GRS is being hosted on the Symposium platform created by ForagerOne, which collaborates with many higher-education and research institutions. ForagerOne works to create tools and networks that promote research globally in every field.

The Office of Research, which sponsors the Graduate Research Symposium, encourages students to participate in research early in their academic careers. It offers opportunities to work side by side with Duquesne teacher-scholars to gain a better understanding of their respective fields.

Visit the GRS site for more details, including the schedule of presentations.