Grants Received

Funds totaling $160,000 were awarded to the Bayer School of Natural and Environmental Sciences and the School of Education.

  • Dr. Theodore Corcovilos, assistant professor of physics, $150,000, a Kaufman New Investigator research grant, from the Charles E. Kaufman Foundation, a supporting organization of The Pittsburgh Foundation, for Experimental Quantum Emulation of Two-Dimensional Topological Insulators and Majorana Fermions Using Ultracold Atoms. The award runs through May 31, 2017.
  • Dr. Tammy Hughes, professor and chair of the Department of Counseling, Psychology and Special Education, $10,000, Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic (UPMC) to support the ASERT Justice Training Project, delivering face-to-face training to justice personnel, including 1,000 judges.