Faculty & Staff Spotlight

What have Dr. Matthew Ussia, Jalila Jefferson-Bullock and Emily Stock been up to?

Dr. Matthew Ussia, teaching assistant professor in the Department of English, recently published his book of poetry titled The Red Glass Cat. In addition, Ussia was named Allegheny County’s Poet of the Week in City of Asylum’s Sampsonia Way magazine. His experiences with writing and publishing his own works help him prepare his students for their future writing careers.

Jalila Jefferson-Bullock, associate professor of law, served as a panelist for the 33rd annual Dr. Sadie T.M. Alexander Commemorative Conference presented Feb. 27 by the University of Pennsylvania Black Law Students Association. The panel, titled The Road to Freedom: Abolishing America’s Prison System, explored the long-lasting harmful impacts of imprisonment on people of color and viable alternatives to repair societal harms. Her work in civil rights law underscores her commitment to equity and opportunity.

Emily Stock, media relations specialist in the Division of Marketing and Communications, was named a programming co-chair of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) Pittsburgh’s 2021 Board.

The PRSA board serves as the voice for the Pittsburgh public relations community of professionals learning together and networking from different backgrounds and industries.