DU Alert, Other Methods to Learn of Weather Delays, Cancellations

As the winter season and related-weather approach, faculty and staff are reminded that Duquesne shares information about University weather delays or cancellations in a variety of ways.

A DU Alert will be sent to subscribers in the instance of a weather delay or cancellation. If you haven’t done so, sign up online to receive DU Alerts.

Weather delay or cancellation announcements also will be shared:

You can also call the weather/emergency hotline at 412.396.1700 for up-to-date delays or cancellation. Local media are also notified.

In addition, employees should review TAP No. 22: Emergency Closing or Partial Shutdown of University, which defines categories of employees and clarifies expectations of work during planned or unplanned delays, closings, cancelling of classes and events, and early release.