Administrative Policy Updated, Two More Implemented

The University recently reviewed and updated TAP No. 31, Sexual Misconduct and Gender Discrimination, to ensure compliance with Department of Education Guidance. 

In addition to these edits, the following changes were made:

  • Contact information for additional Complainant and Respondent resources was added to Appendix A
  • The Resolution Process for employee Respondents was amended
  • Clarifying edits were made to the section describing prohibited relationships.

Contact Title IX Coordinator Lee Robbins at 412.396.2560 with questions regarding TAP No. 31.

The University also approved a new policy on Americans with Disabilities Act accommodations and a new policy on social media.

New TAP No. 56, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Requests for Reasonable Accommodation, clarifies the process that employees must follow when making a formal request for accommodation.

Contact the Office of Disability Services at 412.396.6657 with questions regarding TAP No. 56.

New TAP No. 57, Social Media, clarifies the general guidelines on personal use when interacting with the University community on social media and to clarify expectations when managing University-affiliated social media accounts.

Contact the Office of Human Resources at 412.396.6575 and/or the Office of Marketing and Communications at 412.396.1252 with questions regarding TAP No. 57.